How Much Is ESPN Plus? [Complete Price Breakdown]


ESPN Plus is a streaming platform made for sports enthusiasts, accessible through subscription. It offers a blend of live and on-demand sports content alongside a growing assortment of original programming including shows, documentaries, and news segments.

Subscribers have the flexibility to select from various subscription plans, with the ESPN+ cost varying from 10.99$ to 109.99$ depending on whether one opts for monthly, annual, or inclusion within a Disney Plus Bundle.

Below is a brief overview of ESPN Plus cost options and potential savings associated with bundle packages.

How Much Is ESPN Plus?

If you opt only for ESPN Plus, the monthly fee stands at $10.99. Alternatively, you can opt for an annual subscription at $109.99. Choosing the annual plan can give you yearly saving of $22. Moreover, ESPN Plus annual plans are available for purchase as gifts.

Subscribing to ESPN Plus grants you access to a range of services including live game broadcasts, on-demand video content, and sports articles.

Similar to traditional television broadcasts, all ESPN Plus plans incorporate commercial breaks during live games.

Additionally, users have the choice to buy pay-per-view events for an extra charge. For instance, UFC PPV events are priced at $79.99 per event.

How Much Does ESPN+ Cost With Hulu & Disney Bundle?

If you’re looking to have Hulu and Disney Plus subscription too, you have the option to benefit from a discounted bundle including ESPN Plus.

This bundled offer can result in savings of over 40% compared to the standard combined cost of all three services. Additionally, ESPN Plus is included in Hulu + Live TV memberships.

Here is the ESPN subscription price breakdown with Hulu and Disney+ plans:

ESPN Plus, Disney Plus (ads), and Hulu (ads)$15/month
ESPN Plus, Disney Plus (ad-free), and Hulu (ad-free)$25/month
ESPN Plus, Hulu + Live TV (ads), and Disney Plus (ads)$77/month
ESPN Plus, Hulu + Live TV (ad-free), and Disney Plus (ad-free)$90/month

Are UFC PPV Included in ESPN+?

Unfortunately, UFC pay-per-view events are not part of the standard ESPN Plus subscription.

But an ESPN Plus subscription is required to access and purchase PPV events. Current subscribers can get a UFC PPV event for $80.

Alternatively, new members have the option to avail of a discounted bundle which includes an annual ESPN Plus subscription along with one UFC PPV event for $134.98.

Is There a Free Trial with ESPN?

Previously, ESPN Plus provided a free trial for new members; however, this option is no longer available. Should ESPN Plus reintroduce a trial period in the future, we will make sure to update this post accordingly.

Can I Watch ESPN on ESPN+?

ESPN+ does not grant access to the conventional ESPN channel or its content.

Nonetheless, users can view certain archived content such as the “30 for 30″ series and game replays.

Does ESPN+ Offer an Ad-Free Option?

Although on-demand content is ad-free, live broadcasts include commercials.

However, by bundling ESPN+ with Hulu and Disney+, you have the option to purchase the Trio Premium package, enabling ad-free viewing on the latter two platforms.

What Devices Can I Watch ESPN Plus On?

    • Android devices including Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablet
    • Apple TV
    • iPad and iPhone
    • Web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Explorer, and Safari)
    • Chromecast
    • Cox Contour (various models)
    • PlayStation 4/5
    • Roku TVs and devices
    • Samsung Tizen smart TVs
    • Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S
    • Xfinity XClass, Flex, and X1

    What to Watch ON ESPN Plus:

    With ESPN+’s subscription you can access plethora of shows, documentaries and sports coverage from all over the world. Some of the title are:

    More ESPN Plus Guides on Sports Conduct:


    Is ESPN Plus Worth it?

    ESPN+ provides unique content, such as live events and original programming, not available elsewhere. If you’re passionate about particular sports or teams and seek access to this exclusive content, ESPN+ could be a valuable investment for you.

    What is the cheapest method to get ESPN Plus?

    The most cost-effective approach to get ESPN Plus is by opting for an annual subscription priced at $109.99 per year.

    This subscription model offers a 22% discount compared to the monthly plan priced at $10.99 per month. Given the savings, this option stands out as a top choice among ESPN Plus packages.

    Is ESPN Plus included with Amazon Prime?

    ESPN Plus and Amazon Prime are entirely separate services. ESPN Plus does not come bundled with Amazon Prime and requires a separate subscription.


    In conclusion, the ESPN+ cost varies depending on the subscription option you choose, with the most economical choice being the annual plan. While it doesn’t come with a free trial, ESPN Plus offers exclusive content, including live events and original programming, making it a worthwhile purchase for sports enthusiasts.

    Whether you’re a die-hard fan of certain sports or teams, or simply enjoy accessing a diverse range of sports content, ESPN Plus provides a comprehensive streaming solution tailored to your interests.

    How Much Is ESPN Plus? [Complete Price Breakdown]

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