Watch Every Moment of UEFA Euro 2024 From Anywhere


Remember that feeling? The roar of the crowd as Iniesta sent Spain soaring in 2008, or the heartbreak of the penalty shootout in Euro 2020. The UEFA Euro 2024 is upon us, and it promises to deliver another summer of unforgettable moments.

As the home of England’s football, ITV the UK-exclusive platform offers live, and free coverage of the thrilling UEFA Euro 2024 matches. It’s the go-to destination for fans in the UK to watch their team’s journey through the tournament.

ITV’s coverage is free, but it’s only available in the UK. But don’t worry if you’re not in the UK—you won’t miss out on the action. With a simple solution, you can still catch every match live. By using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, you can access ITV from anywhere in the world. So gear up to enjoy all the UEFA Euro 2024 games for free, just like a local fan!

Quick Steps to Watching UEFA Euro 2024 with a VPN

  1. Choose ExpressVPN: Opt for ExpressVPN, known for its fast speeds and robust security.
  2. Subscribe: Visit the ExpressVPN website, select a plan, and create an account.
  3. Install ExpressVPN: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your streaming device.
  4. Connect to a UK Server: Open the app, log in, and connect to a server in the United Kingdom.
  5. Access ITV: Go to the ITV website or app, sign in or subscribe if needed, and navigate to the UEFA Euro 2024 streams.
  6. Enjoy the Matches: Select a match and start streaming live.

Why ExpressVPN?

  • Speed: Enjoy the games without buffering, thanks to ExpressVPN’s ultra-fast servers.
  • Ease of Use: With a user-friendly interface, you can connect to a VPN server with just a few clicks.
  • Security: ExpressVPN offers top-notch encryption to keep your online activity private and secure.

Remember to disconnect from the VPN when you’re done watching to return to your regular internet connection. Enjoy the UEFA Euro 2024!

Why You Need a VPN to Watch UEFA Euro 2024 from Anywhere in the World

Broadcasting rights often limit where you can watch live sports, but a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is your golden ticket. It secures your internet connection and reroutes it through a server in a location of your choice—like the UK.

When you try to stream ITV’s live coverage from outside the UK without a VPN, you’ll encounter an error message stating that the content is not available in your region.

But with a VPN connected to a UK server, you can bypass these geo-restrictions. It’s as if you’re enjoying the game from a cozy British pub. So, set up your VPN, avoid those pesky error messages, and dive into the UEFA Euro 2024 action for free on ITV, no matter where you are.

Unveiling the Teams: Group Stage Matches Schedule

Get ready for a summer of drama! The group stage sees 24 nations divided into six groups, with only the strongest surviving. Here’s a list of the Euro 2024 matchups:

DateGroupMatchesLocationGMT Time
14 JuneAGermany vs ScotlandMunich19:00
15 JuneAHungary vs SwitzerlandCologne13:00
15 JuneBSpain vs CroatiaBerlin16:00
15 JuneBItaly vs AlbaniaDortmund19:00
16 JuneDPoland vs NetherlandsHamburg13:00
16 JuneCSlovenia vs DenmarkStuttgart16:00
16 JuneCSerbia vs EnglandGelsenkirchen19:00
17 JuneERomania vs UkraineMunich13:00
17 JuneEBelgium vs SlovakiaFrankfurt16:00
17 JuneDAustria vs FranceDüsseldorf19:00
18 JuneFTürkiye vs GeorgiaDortmund16:00
18 JuneFPortugal vs CzechiaLeipzig19:00
19 JuneBCroatia vs AlbaniaHamburg13:00
19 JuneAGermany vs HungaryStuttgart16:00
19 JuneAScotland vs SwitzerlandCologne19:00
20 JuneCSlovenia vs SerbiaMunich13:00
20 JuneCDenmark vs EnglandFrankfurt16:00
20 JuneBSpain vs ItalyGelsenkirchen19:00
21 JuneESlovakia vs UkraineDüsseldorf13:00
21 JuneDPoland vs AustriaBerlin16:00
21 JuneDNetherlands vs FranceLeipzig19:00
22 JuneFGeorgia vs CzechiaHamburg13:00
22 JuneFTürkiye vs PortugalDortmund16:00
22 JuneEBelgium vs RomaniaCologne19:00
23 JuneASwitzerland vs GermanyFrankfurt19:00
23 JuneAScotland vs HungaryStuttgart19:00
24 JuneBCroatia vs ItalyLeipzig19:00
24 JuneBAlbania vs SpainDüsseldorf19:00
25 JuneDNetherlands vs AustriaBerlin16:00
25 JuneDFrance vs PolandDortmund16:00
25 JuneCEngland vs SloveniaCologne19:00
25 JuneCDenmark vs SerbiaMunich19:00
26 JuneESlovakia vs RomaniaFrankfurt16:00
26 JuneEUkraine vs BelgiumStuttgart16:00
26 JuneFCzechia vs TürkiyeHamburg19:00
26 JuneFGeorgia vs PortugalGelsenkirchen19:00

Who will rise to the top this year? We can only speculate, but one thing’s for sure – it’s going to be epic!

The Entire Tournament Schedule: Plan Your Viewing Party!

The official UEFA website ( provides a comprehensive schedule with dates, times, and venues for each match. It’s recommended to check the schedule regularly, especially with potential time zone differences.

Make Your Predictions!

We all have a favorite. Head over to the comments and tell us which team you think will win it all! Will France dominate again, or will a dark horse emerge?

Don’t Miss a Single Goal!

The UEFA Euro 2024 promises to be a spectacle of skill, drama, and national pride. With this guide, you’re equipped to witness every moment, every tackle, and every heart-stopping goal, irrespective of your location.

So, don’t let geographical restrictions hold you back. Secure a premium VPN, follow the simple steps, and unlock a world of footballing passion. The beautiful game awaits – get ready to be glued to your screen (and don’t forget the snacks!)

Watch Every Moment of UEFA Euro 2024 From Anywhere

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