American Dream Fulfilled! Cody Rhodes wins WrestleMania 40


The narrative of “The Bloodline” finally reached its climax at WrestleMania XL, with Cody Rhodes emerging victorious and capturing the coveted WWE Universal Championship from Roman Reigns!

WrestleMania XL unfolded over two nights, kicking off with a tag team battle on Saturday. Rhodes and Seth Rollins faced the formidable duo of Reigns and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Though they fell short on the first night, the fight continued on Sunday.

The championship match, dubbed “Bloodline Rules,” stacked the odds against Rhodes. Reigns had the entire Bloodline – his family and faction – at his back. However, Rhodes had some legendary surprises in store.

Jey Uso, a member of The Bloodline, made a shocking defection, siding with Rhodes! The momentum shifted further with the legendary John Cena joining the fight, aiding Rhodes against Solo Sikoa and Reigns.

Just when victory seemed within reach for Rhodes and Cena, The Rock re-entered the ring, taking down both Cena and Rollins in a surprising turn of events. It looked like Reigns and The Rock were poised for a dominant win.

But fate, or rather, the Undertaker, had other plans. The legendary Deadman made a dramatic entrance, taking The Rock out of the equation and giving Rhodes the opening he needed.

With the help of these unexpected allies, Cody Rhodes finally conquered The Bloodline! After years of chasing his dream, Rhodes delivered a trio of his signature Cross Rhodes maneuvers on Reigns, securing the pin and claiming the Undisputed Universal Championship for the first time in his career.

This epic victory brings a satisfying conclusion to the long-standing rivalry between Rhodes and Reigns, with the American Dream finally becoming a reality!

American Dream Fulfilled! Cody Rhodes wins WrestleMania 40

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