How To Add and Install ITV Player On Kodi From Anywhere


Want to stream ITV channels through Kodi? Unfortunately, the ITV Player add-on is no longer available. But don’t worry, we have an alternative that’s still functional. Keep reading to discover how to enjoy ITV shows live on Kodi.

Earlier, there was a Kodi addon known as ITV Player, through which users could watch ITV programs live or on-demand. However, this addon is no longer accessible. Yet, there’s another option offering similar features. Although the on-demand streaming component currently isn’t functioning correctly. But, it’s expected to be fixed soon.

In the following sections, I’ll detail which add-on I am referring to, where to find it, and how to set it up. Fortunately, the setup process is straightforward, allowing you to start live streaming ITV shows in just a few minutes with our guidance.

How to Install ITV Player on Kodi? [Quick Guide]

As the ITV Player on Kodi addon is third-party, it’s not available in the official Kodi repository. To download it, you’ll need to allow downloads from unknown sources. Follow these steps:

  1. Enable unknown sources: Settings -> System -> Addons -> Enable Unknown sources -> Click “Yes.”
  2. Navigate to Settings from the Home Page.
  3. Select File Manager.
  4. Double-tap Add Source.
  5. Choose “None” on the add source page.
  6. Enter the URL below in the “None” box and tap OK:
  7. Name your source “Noob repo” or any preferred name, then tap OK.
  8. Return to the home page and select addons.
  9. Click the module icon (top left of the screen).
  10. Choose “Install from Zip file.”
  11. Select the noob repo source you added earlier.
  12. Tap the zip file named Noob repo(2.0).zip.
  13. Wait for the repo to download, then select “Install” from the repository.
  14. Click the Noob repository.
  15. Choose Video addons.
  16. Select ITV.
  17. Tap “Install” to download the Kodi addon.
  18. Wait for the addon to install. Once done, launch it and start enjoying your favorite series.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a versatile open-source media center software. It consolidates all your media in a single platform, removing the necessity for web browsers or numerous proprietary apps. Additionally, Kodi offers extensive customization options, allowing users to enhance functionality with various addons. These add ons can automate tasks like syncing watchlists or fetching subtitles and movie posters.

Moreover, Kodi is very versatile, as it is compatible with dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV platforms.

Why Do You Need Addons for Viewing ITV Player on Kodi outside the UK?

ITV is a British television network available exclusively in the United Kingdom (UK).

Access to the add-on is restricted to individuals within the UK. If attempted from outside the UK, an error message like “Check the log for more information” will appear, as the plugin only functions with UK IP addresses.

Through these add-ons, users can stream all of ITV’s channels live online. Utilizing the Kodi ITV Player add-on, viewers can easily navigate and watch ITV content on any Kodi-supported device. For users wishing to utilize the ITV player add-on or ITVX from anywhere outside the UK, setting up a virtual private network (VPN) like ExpressVPN is necessary.

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Do I need a TV license to watch ITV on Kodi?

According to British law, a TV License is necessary for watching any live broadcast simultaneously with its TV airing. But, a license is not needed for viewing on-demand content.

Can I get ITVX on Kodi?

Yes, you can access ITV on Kodi by installing the Viwx Add-On. I strongly advise using the user interface within Kodi for this. Just navigate to the Add-Ons menu and find the “Get More” button.

Alternatively, if you prefer a manual installation, you can directly download the appropriate platform link and then select the “Install via Zip” option in Kodi.


ITV is a popular online streaming service in the UK. Since ITV Player is designed for UK audiences, it operates exclusively with UK-based IP addresses. By following the provided steps and utilizing a trustworthy VPN such as ExpressVPN, watching and installing ITV Player on Kodi outside the UK becomes seamless and hassle-free.

How To Add and Install ITV Player On Kodi From Anywhere

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